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Inside the Spice House – we’re off to North Africa

At Spice&Easy, we have always loved to travel, to visit new countries, to experience new cultures and especially to taste and enjoy the local cuisine! This is not so easy at the moment during a worldwide pandemic. So why not join us on a culinary adventure, bringing the taste and aromas of the countries you would love to visit and those you have visited and loved, into your home and to share with your family and friends.

No passport / safepass needed!

The combinations of blending herbs and spices are endless with some mixes working so well that they have come to represent certain cultures and cuisines around the world. We can bring these many and varied blends with their amazing flavours and aromas into our own kitchens to inspire us and to add authenticity and personality to our international dishes!

Two of our favourite spice mixes are Ras al Hanout and Harissa (Tabil), we fell in love with them both visiting Morocco and Tunisia. They are the most popular spice blends used in North African dishes from Morocco across Algeria to Tunisia.

Ras el Hanout is a blend of up to 40 different spices, it literally means top of the drawer / shop, suggesting that the blend is the best one could buy and was sometimes gifted by the spice merchant to his best customers. Aromatic, warm, sharp, and slightly pungent. It can be rubbed into meat, added to fish, stirred in rice dishes, soups and couscous. It is especially significant for giving the spicy and sweet aromas to the famous Moroccan Tagines.

Harissa / Tabil spice mix, one of the most popular spice blends in Tunisian cuisine, it has a warming, earthy flavour and when added to roasted chili peppers along with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice it becomes the delicious warming Harissa paste we all know.

Here are a couple of great recipes Ras el Hanout Roasted Potatoes and Muhammara Dip with Harissa

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