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 At Spice&Easy  we hand blend our spices and herbs in house in small batches without using additives and preservatives to bring you the freshest possible products . Based in the pretty mountain village of Peristerona, near Polis Chrysochous in Cyprus, we are surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean and inspired by the abundance of fresh and natural produce in the region.

The Spice&Easy way to health and wellness

Our focus is on understanding and sharing not only the great flavours and aromas spices and herbs can bring to our lives but also their natural health and wellness benefits when introduced into our daily diets and cooking.

Spice & Herb


We use only pure herbs, spices and seasonings, with nothing else added at all.  Use our artisan blends for a short-cut to sensational flavor in any dish. Crafted with care to just the right measure, we've done all the mixing so you don't have to!

We mix all of our spice blends by hand in small batches to keep them fresh.

Wellness Blends

and Products

Our passion for all things organic and whole, is highlighted in our range of wellness blends and products. All of our wellness blends are made by hand in small batches in our shop in Cyprus, using high quality local and UK organic products. Our Superfoods are organic as well as Responsibly/Ethically Wild-harvested.

Healthy snacks are the ones that are easy to make and won't weigh you down.  Check our range of snacks, dips and sprinkles for that quick treat when unexpected guests pop in or when you just feel like relaxing with a cup of herbal tea and some nibbles

Snacks, Dips &


Nuts and seeds make up an important part of a healthy diet. Both types of food help you reach your recommended intake of protein each day, as well as count toward your daily fat allowance. Seeds and nuts benefit your health because they offer key essential nutrients and play a role in disease prevention by keeping you healthy as you age.

Teas, Tisanes &


Herbal teas--also called tisanes--are a major part of the tea world, but did you know they're not technically teas?  They're an infusion made from a plant other than true teas.  Tisanes are caffeine free and can be served hot or cold.

Our range of hand blended essential oils are the all natural way to help improve your emotional and physical health and wellness. Essential oils can reduce stress, increase focus, soothe and purify the body for emotional balance and support to your immune system.

Pure & Blended Essentials

in convenient dispensers 10 ml & 50 ml


Essential Roller Blends

in convenient 10 ml rollerballs

great for carrying with you

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

                                                             ― Hippocrates

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