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 At Spice&Easy we source quality herbs, spices and essential oils, then hand blend with passion in small batches, without using any additives or preservatives.  Our blends combine great flavours and aromas to make your culinary adventure easy and fun at the same time introducing the wonderful health benefits they can provide.

Spice & Herb


Whether for grilling, barbecuing or exploring new and exciting international flavours and dishes, we offer you a variety of healthy options and recipes!


Hard to Find

Spices & Herbs

Find your secret ingredient! From spicy paprika to delicacies like saffron, these hard-to-find ingredients add a special flourish to your important meals.

Ras el Hanout.jpg

Health & Wellness


Easily include healthful spices and herbs into your daily diet adding a myriad of flavours promoting health and wellness.


All Things


If it's a hint of heat  or something that packs a potent punch, chillies add flavour and depth to savoury & sweet dishes, and even drinks.

Mixed Chillies.jpg

Dips, Sprinkles & Seeds

Choosing healthy snacks that are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will fuel your body and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

Nuts seeds.jpg

Seasonings & Pastes

With the right amount and kind of seasoning, plain food can become at once delectable and irresistible.

Seasonings Pastes.jpg

Herbal & Flower Teas

Besides using herbs in food, we love to brew them as teas for their unique health benefits.

Tea Pot

Essential Oils & Blends

Individual and handcrafted blends for topical use and inhalation therapy using quality pure essential oils

Cosmetic Oils
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