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Black Pepper, a staple ingredient all over the world

Black pepper has been a staple ingredient all over the world for thousands of years! During the spice trade days black pepper was one of the earliest commodities to be traded in the world! It is known as the ‘King of Spices’ with a history dating back to 1,000 BC and was once used as currency and a measure of a mon’s wealth. Black Pepper is still one of the most commonly used spices to date.

Black pepper is generally made by grinding peppercorns which are the dried berries or ‘dupes’ from the flowering vine ‘Piper Nigrum’. Black pepper has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, due to its high concentration of the potent beneficial plant compound Piperine, most importantly it boosts absorption of essential nutrients from our daily diet.

With its subtle heat and bold flavour, it can enhance most savoury dishes and even some sweet dishes, try a little sprinkle on fruit. A dash of ground pepper can be a tasty seasoning for cooked vegetables, pasta dishes, meat, fish, poultry and more. It also pairs well with other healthful seasonings, including garlic, lemon zest, cumin, turmeric and cardamom. For an extra kick and a little crunch try coating fish, chicken, tofu and more with coarsely ground pepper corns and a little rock salt. You will find black pepper in most of Spice&Easy’s blends.

One of our favourite blends that includes black pepper is our Baharat Spice Blend. Used in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine, it’s a complex and intense blend is perfect for meats, veggies and soups!

Here is a recipe we know you will love!

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