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Sriracha Spice Blend

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Yes, Sriracha sauce is a delicious way to spice up your food and your life too! Research has shown that capsaicin the Phyto chemical responsible for the heat in red chili peppers used to make Sriracha sauce has many health benefits.

  1. It actually boosts your metabolism thus helping in weight loss and reducing hunger.

  2. Makes you happier! Capsaicin releases Serotonin which enhances our mood and memory.

  3. It produces dopamine which enhances a sense of wellbeing

  4. Strengthens our immune system! Peppers are rich in vitamin A & C as well as antioxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory effects.

  5. Capsaicin helps to fight colds, reduces congestion and acts as an expectorant

You can now enjoy the flavourful heat from Sriracha sauce in powder form to give you the perfect balance of bright chili heat, with a delicate sweetness, a lively, vinegary tang and hint of garlic in the background. Hand blended with the natural goodness of spices and chilis and no refined sugars, syrups, or additives. Some of the many ways you can enjoy you Sriracha blend:

  1. Use as a marinade for grilled chicken or short ribs.

  2. Toss with diced firm tofu, then bake.

  3. Add to aioli and use as a dip for sweet potato fries.

  4. Rub onto fish, then grill.

  5. Stir into mashed potatoes.

  6. Sprinkle it on your scrambled eggs instead of Tabasco.

  7. Combine with sour cream to make a spicy potato chip dip.

  8. Mix it with strawberry jam as a sweet/hot dip for pretzels.

  9. Add to honey for a spicy-sweet wing glaze.

  10. Mix with soy sauce, sesame oil, and sweet rice vinegar to make a dipping sauce for green onion cakes.

  11. Make a popcorn topping "in a ketchup-like-squeeze bottle (the kind with the thin, cone-shaped nozzle) [with] tamari, cider vinegar, and Sriracha to taste. Apply liberally while popcorn is devoured."

  12. Add it to chocolate cake batter.

  13. Stir into polenta while cooking.

  14. Mix it with poached eggs, Greek yogurt, and feta for breakfast.

  15. Mix with miso dressing for use on cold noodles.

  16. Make Sriracha cocktails.

  17. Create a dipping sauce for gyoza by mixing Sriracha with hoisin sauce and rice cooking wine.

  18. Jazz up your hummus or falafel.

  19. Use it in a spicy tomato and blue cheese soup.

  20. Mix with pickled vegetables for quick Korean-style banchan.

So, brighten up snacks or meals with Sriracha knowing your taste buds, mood and waistline will benefit. Enjoy and be happy!

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