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Togarishi (Sichimi) 20g

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese spice blend consisting of chilli flakes, seaweed and sesame seeds (amongst other things) and adds a fiery umami kick to a variety of dishes. Our 7 spice seasoning from the land of the rising sun can be added to  sushi, maki, grilled meats, vegetables, seafood, noodles, rice, popcorn and fries.

Togarishi (Sichimi) 20g

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  • Ingredients: white and black sesame seeds, szechuan pepper,chili flakes, orange peel, ginger, poppy seeds

    No additives / preservatives / anti-caking agents

    Storage: Store in cool dry place away from sunlight

    This product does not contain any genetically modified material or derivatives of genetically modified material.

  • Ships to Cyprus and Internationally.  Please see our Shipping & Retrun policy

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