Dukkah Dip Blend

Our signature Dukkah is a deliciously healthy fusion of exotic eastern spices, nuts and seeds, with origins in Egypt ! We hand toast and blend ours to bring you this mouth watering treat to enjoy as a dip, with crusty bread or fresh pitta, and a good olive oil! The perfect healthy snack or appetizer with a glass of something nice. Can also be enjoyed as a condiment/sprinkle to add flavour and crunch to, breadcrumb mixtures for coating, sprinkle on salads, soups, roasted veggies, hummus, pizza, eggs ...and so much more!


Consider this delicious blend your secret 'go to' flavour weapon in the kitchen! Learn more here

Dukkah Dip Blend

  • Hand blended almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, sea salt (low salt)

    No additives / preservatives / anti-caking agents

    120g Travel Pack (food safe peta plastic)

    ALLERGY WARNING: contains nuts and seeds

    Refrigerate after opening

    Storage: Store in cool dry place away from sunlight