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Habanero Chili Powder

This pure habanero chili powder is one of the spicier varieties available it has about half the heat of a ghost pepper. Habanero chilies are some of the hottest chili peppers available. Habanero's have long been the gold standard for people who love to eat spicy food but their flavour also has an element of fruitiness, once you get past all the heat. This chilli is a must for all authentic Mexican Cooking.

Caution: These chillis are extremely hot 100,000-300,000 units on the scoville scale. Wear gloves while handling & wash hands thoroughly before touching eyes & sensitive areas. If grinding, avoid inhaling powder. Eye & respiratory protection recommended. In the event of inhalation, move to open air to clear lungs. In the event of burning eyes, flush with eye wash. For burning skin, wash thoroughly with soap & water.

Habanero Chili Powder

  • Ingredients: Habanero Chili Powder

    No additives / preservatives / anti-caking agents

    Storage: Store in cool dry place away from sunlight

    This product does not contain any genetically modified material or derivatives of genetically modified material.

  • Ships to Cyprus and Internationally.  Please see our Shipping & Retrun policy

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